Pigment groc 74- Corimax Groc 2GX70

Technical parameters of Pigment yellow 74

Índex de colors núm.Pigment Yellow 74
Nom del producteCorimax Yellow 2GX70
Categoria del ProductePigment orgànic
Solidesa a la llum (recobriment)7
Resistència a la calor (recobriment)140
Distribució de tonalitats

Features: High hiding power.

Aplicació :

Recommended for architectural coatings, industrial coatings

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Informació relacionada

Molecular weight: 386.3587
Pigment groc 74
Pigment groc 74
Hue or color light: bright yellow or green yellow
Relative density: 1.28-1.51
Bulk density / (LB / gal): 10.6-12.5
Melting point / ℃: 275-293
Particle shape: stick or needle
Specific surface area / (m2 / g): 14
Oil absorption / (g / 100g): 27-45
Hiding power: translucent / transparent

Properties and application of pigment yellow 74
Pigment yellow 74 is an important commercial pigment, which is mainly used in printing ink and coating industry. Its color paste is between pigment yellow 1 and pigment yellow 3, and its coloring power is higher than that of any other mono even nitrogen pigment yellow. Pigment yellow 74 is acid, alkali and saponification resistant, but it is easy to frost, which hinders its application in baking enamel. The light fastness of pigment yellow 74 is 2-3 grades higher than that of Bisazo yellow pigment with similar colouring power, so it can meet the requirements of high light fastness, such as printing ink for packaging. At the same time, pigment yellow 74 is also widely used in latex paint as interior wall and dark exterior wall coloring.