Pigment groc 3-Corimax Groc10G

Technical parameters of Pigment yellow 3

Índex de colors núm.Pigment groc 3
Nom del producteCorimax Yellow10G
Categoria del ProductePigment orgànic
Número CAS6486-23-3
Número de la UE229-355-1
Família químicaMono azo
Pes molecular395.20
Fórmula molecularC16H12CI2N4O4
Valor del PH6.0-7.0
Absorció d’oli (ml / 100g)%25-35
Solidesa a la llum (recobriment)6-7
Resistència a la calor (recobriment)140
Resistència a l'aigua4
Resistència al petroli4
Resistència a l’àcid5
Resistència a Alkali5
Distribució de tonalitats

Aplicació :
Recommended for industrial paints.
Suggested for architectural coatings, offset inks, water based inks.

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Pigment Yellow 3 Basic information:

Chinese Name: Pigment Yellow 3
Chinese Synonyms: Sun resistant yellow 10g; pigment yellow 3; 2 - [(4-chloro-2-nitrophenyl) azo] - N - (2-chlorophenyl) - 3-oxo-butylamide; pigment yellow 3; pigment yellow 3 [CI 11710]; 1002 Hansha yellow 10g
CBNumber: CB5304055
Molecular formula: c16h12cl2n4o4
Molecular weight: 395.2
Hue or color light: bright green, yellow
Density / (g / cm3): 1.6
Bulk density / (LB / gal): 10.4-13.7
Melting point / ℃: 235, 254
Average particle size / μ M: 0.48-0.57
Particle shape: rod
Specific surface area / (m2 / g): 6; 8-12
PH value / (10% slurry): 6.0-7.5 [1] oil absorption / (g / 100g): 22-60
Hiding power: translucent
Green light and light yellow powder, bright color, melting point 258 ℃, 150 ℃ for 20 minutes,
It can be dissolved in ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents when heated, and yellow when meeting concentrated sulfuric acid,
In concentrated nitric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid and dilute sodium hydroxide, the color is unchanged, and the sun and heat resistance are good.
Relative density: 1.49g/cm3

Estructura molecular: